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Who We Are

The beginning

Hobby Store Group was founded by Ben Curtis with a passion for both hobbies and commerce. It started from a small single-person operation, growing to a team of 5 with thousands of active, loyal and passionate customers.

First Steps

Aircraft Model Store was officially started in 2015 as a hobby – stemming from a passion for aviation. Ben had a natural obsession of turning a passion into a business, with the goal of one day turning a passion into a career. Which is exactly what happened. Over time, the store flourished to become one of the favourite retailers for aviation enthusiasts in the UK and even the EU.

More recently, we launched Railway Model Store and Car Model Store – specialising in these niches – which we have been working hard on with the expertise of our team.

Everyone on our team has a passion for one of our niches and this is what makes us stand apart. We ensure to build our business in niches where we know that there are customers that we can share the passion and obsession for the products with.

Whenever someone joins our team, we always love to know what hobbies they have outside of work – to see if we can incorporate it into our business and truly really make it their dream job.

It has been quite the journey so far and we can’t wait to share updates in future.

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